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Simple Questions from the Egyptian Nation to the Egyptian Government, and to Local and International Media:

Question One:
If the current Egyptian government truly wanted to fight the riots and exercise damage control, then why was the building of the National Democratic Party (the ruling party) left on fire without a single fire brigade arriving to extinguish it?

Question Two:
If the current Egyptian government truly wanted the safety of its nation against “the violent riots” that were not violent at all, entirely peaceful and literally repeating “Peaceful, Peaceful” on their banners and through their voices, why were Egyptians left without policemen, fire brigades, ambulances? How come the phone numbers to such security apparatus became suspended and unable to receive calls of citizens within urgent dangerous events for a few days?

Question Three:
If the current Egyptian government believes whatever that was happening on Egyptian streets was very minimal and simply a “small group of monopolized young minds” protesting, the way the Egyptian TV mis-announces it, why then did the government shut down internet, Al-Jezeera Channel and telecommunications? What did the government wish to hide from the local independent media or the international media for one week?

Question Four:
If the current Egyptian government wanted the security of its nation, and to control violence and to fight destruction, why were Egyptians left without a single police officer for over three nights on all Egyptian streets? How come in a heavily policed country like Egypt that it would be possible for all policemen to disappear suddenly for over three nights? And why were street lamps shut down, and remain shut down, in many streets in downtown Cairo the heart of the event?

Question Five:
What about the people who were shot to death by Egyptian police, and by Egyptian secret police? What about those? What about their blood that still stains certain streets and buildings? Why was the peaceful request for freedom answered by governmental silence and by police bullets?

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